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Our Classes

Our variety of classes offer options for students of all fitness levels and spiritual goals. Join a class and enjoy the journey!

Vinyasa Yoga

Space Vinyasa: All Levels, mild to medium intensity

Power Space Vinyasa: All Levels, medium to high intensity

Space Vinyasa is an intergalactic experience in which the teacher guides students through a safe and intelligently sequenced flow. Yoga is the union between mind, body and soul so in this class we make sure to not only practice SUN salutations but also incorporate the MOON sequence for balance. You'll also hear teachers share things about our solar system, galaxy, and zodiac signs. Vedic astrology is apart of the yoga experience --Though there's no exact moment to pinpoint as the origin of Vedic astrology, it has been practiced since sometime between 5000 to 10,000 BC. Jyotish is rooted in the Vedas, the oldest texts written in Sanskrit!

Yoga Sequence:
Veiling Phase (Tamas):
Integration of invigorating #cptg oils to awaken our senses.

Projecting Phase (Rajas):
Sun A, B's and Moon salutations.

Revealing Phase (Sattva):
 Calm the body in stillness and introspection.

Room temp  80 degrees. The more bodies the warmer the temperature! Two small heaters in the room. 

Yin Yoga

Gentle Yin practice. A restorative practice open to all levels of practitioners. Using the planets to navigate the sensations in the body. Using breath to guide the mind + body into total relaxation. This class will allow you to find deep meditation before melting into the ether around you- CREATING SPACE in the mind + Body.

Regular room temperature class

Glutes and Grooves

Grab your girl gang and lets get these gains! Join us for a fun, upbeat, barefoot class that will target legs and glutes.

Resistance band workout that targets the glutes and pelvic floor muscles with kegel and lower body exercises. This hour class will challenge, encourage and strengthen your mind, body and spirit. The music is upbeat and explicit. Twerking is encouraged!

Room temp: 80 

Belly Dance

It’s time to wiggle those hips!!! But also, it’s time to learn how to safely and rhythmically shimmy, twist, and circle. In this three week series we will focus on the base technique of how to use your muscles to create beautiful movements with your body. Each class will begin with a warmup, then there will be breakdown and practice of a few movements, followed by a short combination, and a cool down.

While the class will be focused on material for newer students, advanced dancers are always welcome to return home to the basics. Additional layers and modifications will be given for advanced dancers.

Regular Room Temperature

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that combines breath, movement, meditation, rhythmic sound and deep relaxation. It is practical for the average person, because it works to release tension and energize in a short period of time, regardless of degree of flexibility or experience.

This yoga is taught in specific sequences of exercises (kriyas) that create optimum health by strengthening the immune system, balancing the glands and creating a heightened level of awareness.


Open to all levels

Regular Room Temperature


Everyday our minds become overloaded with information. All of this sensory overload may contribute to our daily stress.

Here are three benefits of meditation:

1. Gaining a new perspective on stressful situations

2. Increasing self-awareness

3. Improving sleep quality


Join us for this 45min practice.

What to expect:

- Meditation cushion

- A guided experience

- A different type of meditation each week

- non-heated room

- Non-toxic Essential oil (optional)

Regular Room Temperature

Donation Yoga Class

Join our Space Vinyasa class. An all levels Vinyasa yoga practice. This sequence will allow practitioners to dive deeper into themSelves.
A sequence that will open up your heart, body, and mind. This class is infused essential oils (optional), sound and planetary exploration. Room temperature is around 80 degrees. 


--> Each month we donate the proceeds from this class to a charity of the month. 


What Our Clients Say

Woman doing yoga in front of a magic waterfall.jpg
Astronaut starting to run. Mixed media.jpg

Kundalini Yoga - w/ Naya Rappaport

"Truly an experience worth treating yourself to. A journey within. Naya transports you to another dimension in Kundalini! Incredibly healing. A class that allows you to go within and open up your body, mind, and soul. Breath work, essential oils, great lighting, and sound healing. Naya does a great job enlightening the students throughout the practice by sharing details about the ancient philosophies of yoga so you always know the benefits of what you are doing throughout the entire class."

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